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Outdoor Education Overview

Mokule'ia is an ahupua'a (land division) located in the moku (district) of Waialua on the island of O'ahu. Mokule'ia's name literally translates to "land of abundance." At Camp Mokule'ia, it is our mission and vision to provide outdoor programs that embody a "land of abundance." Through sharing 'ike (knowledge and experience), we provide an opportunity for visitors to learn through 'Aina and place-based learning. 


The following programs are designed to engage students in culturally relevant activities that inspire the scientific method, a sense of place, and personal development.


Keiki of KA'AINA
(Children of the Land)

'Aina introduces students to land stewardship. Students will have an opportunity to learn about traditional and modern plants through planting, harvesting, and cooking and eating, as well as making other plant products such as medicine.


(Go to the Ocean)

Go Makai introduces students to the ocean ecosystem. Students will have an opportunity to learn about the various organisms that rely on the ocean environment, climate change and erosion, and what they can do to help sustain the ocean.

(Paddle the Canoe)

E Hoe Waʻa introduces students to the importance of leadership. In this program, students learn from the perspective of a member of a voyaging canoe. They will build skills of teamwork, kilo (observation) of weather, sea, and stars, as well as the foundation of the Hawaiian star compass.


These programs are all scheduled for one to two night stays for grades 6th-12th. Each program is aligned with Hawaii State Standards and NGSS for STEM learning. We are also able to custom design programs to meet the needs of your students and curriculum.

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