2021 summer camp

Thank you for visiting our Summer Camp page! Camp is currently very busy planning for this coming summer as there are still a lot of details to get put in place, such as camp cost, things to bring, daily schedules, COVID prep, and so forth. In the meantime, we have our weeks scheduled for summer camp so you can save the dates in your calendar! The current schedule is as follows:

June 6-1




June 14-18

June 21-25

July 5-9

July 11-13

July 15-18 


July 18-23 

Elementary #1

Middle School #1

Senior High #1


Day Camp #1 (Oahu)

Day Camp #2 (Big Island) 


Day Camp #3 (Oahu) 

Day Camp #4 (Kauai)


Day Camp #5 (Oahu)

Day Camp #6 (Maui)


Mini-Camp #1

Elementary #2 


Family Camp #1


Elementary #3 

Middle School#2

Registration for Summer Camp will open in January. Be sure to check in periodically for updates!


You're invited to our annual Summer Camp Open House on April 25th, 2021!

Details will be provided when available, so check back here for updates.

Phone: 808-637-6241

Address: 68-729 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791-8333